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 Pynk Eclipse Cosmetics

Truly Top-Notch

Pynk Eclipse Cosmetics is actually my very own cosmetics company. I wanted to find a way to give back to women while pursuing my passion as an artists. Pynk Eclipse means remember your why and keep hope even in your darkest hour. We are more than just our looks, our beauty comes from our purpose. My line is just a little trinket to remind people of that. Check us out!


Flawless Makeup Begins with Great Skin!

Skin care is essential to us all. As a makeup artists, I have the pleasure of working with people of all skin types, and trust me, we can all use a little help. My clients rave about the difference they see in the clarity, texture, and tone of their skin in a matter of weeks! My ideal skin care regiment is REVERSE BRIGHTENING.  What's yours?